The European Chronicle publishes original research and review materials of authors from different countries on a wide range of issues of social sciences, including culture and art; humanities; social and behavioural sciences; management and administration; service sector.

The purpose of the European Chronicle is to study socio-cultural heritage and social, political, and economic relations between states and international organisations in two dimensions: Europe as a territory, European integration socio-political associations and processes and the European civilisational choice, cultural and philosophical traditions of the member states and candidates for EU membership. This publication is aimed at a wide range of readers and researchers who can offer their developments in the following areas: philosophy and worldview; culture and traditions; social and political trends; economic models; internal and foreign economic and political activities, which have theoretical-educational and practical value.

The objectives of the journal:

  • selection of the most valuable and relevant papers in the field of social sciences for further publication;
  • development of theoretical and applied research of social sciences in the EU countries, evaluation and dissemination of its results;
  • provision of ground for discussions and exchange of opinions on relevant issues of social sciences at the world level.

The journal publishes the results of research by representatives of the modern international academic elite, postgraduates, masters, students of higher educational institutions, researchers of various specialities.

When selecting materials for publication, the editorial board pays special attention to the originality, innovation, importance of the research results, fundamental theoretical analysis of the problems considered, literacy, compliance with General Requirements for the Layout of Manuscripts