Terms of Publication


The number of authors of one article should not exceed 5 people. The article must be laid out in accordance with the General requirements for the layout of manuscripts. The manuscript is sent to the editorial office for review in *.doc or *.docx format. The editors reserve the right to edit the manuscript.

The volume of the article should not be less than 6 pages and exceed 12 pages (A4 format) (3,000-7,000 words). All non-text objects are created by built-in means of Microsoft Word (objects must be grouped). Formulas – with the use of the Equation editor. Illustrations are allowed to be placed in the article, submitted as files in JPG format (with a resolution of at least 300 dpi) or on separate sheets. Recommended font size for objects containing text and tables is Times New Roman, 10 point.

Each article undergoes three stages of control: primary control for compliance with the general requirements for articles; check for plagiarism and citation quality; external scientific peer review in accordance with the Peer Review Process. The study is returned for revision in case of violation of the requirements for registration.

The editors categorically condemn the manifestation of plagiarism in articles and consider it a violation of copyright and scientific ethics. If more than 20% of borrowed text is found in an article without appropriate references and the use of quotation marks, the article qualifies as containing plagiarism. Read more about this in the section Anti-Plagiarism Policy.

The acceptance decision is made based upon an independent review process that provides critically constructive and prompt evaluations of submitted manuscripts. By publishing their studies on the pages of the publication, the authors agree to the transfer of non-exclusive copyright to the manuscript. Published studies can be used for personal purposes, for further research in the area chosen by the authors, also, can be placed in private repositories and libraries of universities, other scientific-educational and research institutions.