The European Chronicle is an international academic journal the purpose of which is to study socio-cultural heritage and social, political, and economic relations in two dimensions: Europe as a territory, European integration socio-political associations and processes and the European civilisational choice, cultural and philosophical traditions of the member states and candidates for EU membership. This publication is aimed at a wide range of readers and researchers who can offer their developments in the following areas: philosophy and worldview; culture and traditions; social and political trends; economic models; internal and foreign economic and political activities, which have theoretical-educational and practical value.

The editors express a deep interest in searching and publishing, primarily, those studies that are interdisciplinary and act as discussion platforms for specialists in diverse disciplines that concern the above-mentioned issues.

Journal founder: LLC “Scientific Journals”

Year of foundation: 2016.

Frequency: once per year.

Edition language: English.

The Editorial Board includes well-known scientists from Ukraine, Latvia, Poland, USA, Kazakhstan, Australia, United Kingdom, Denmark, Sweden, Estonia, and Germany. Information about the full staff is available in the Editorial Board.